Did you know that on average, second homes are used for 40 days a year?

Be avant-garde: pamper yourself through the happiness of a smartly re-invented second home.

Buy shares of a superb property and make the most of it without worrying about anything.

Find your second home with Altacasa
Choose the house of your dreams and imagine your ideal vacation, fly solo, with family or friends
Invest, depending on the time you wish to spend there. We help you define your ideal number of shares (from 1 to 4 shares out of 8), we find the other co-owners and build the legal structure
Book your stays easily , through our app (1/8 share = 44 days). Our algorithm guarantees a flexible, fair and transparent reservation between the co-owners.
Make the most of your second home without any stress at all. We take care of everything: legal structure, works, co-owners, decoration, administrative and financial follow-up, maintenance, cleaning, repairs.
How does it work?

It's very simple!

Discover all the answers to your questions in these short videos: how Altacasa works, how to book your stay, the costs, the difference to a timeshare and many more answers.


Buy with complete trust

All you need to do is dream, we take care of the rest.

A castle in the Loire region? A chalet in Méribel? A farmhouse in Normandy? A Villa in Provence? Or even all 4!

With our team’s support, select your ideal home and estimate the number of shares corresponding to your requirements (from 1 to 4 out of 8), according to your budget and the time you wish to spend in the house.

We take care of everything else: the careful choice of other owners (we pay close attention to ensuring that all owners share the same values. After all, they will be the ones who shall be building the soul of the house with you too!), the creation of a legal structure, the round trips with the notary, right until the signature of the property’s purchase. Upon signing, the co-owners own 100% of the house. We sell all the shares and do not remain co-owners in the legal structure.

And if you were to change plans, nothing could be simpler! You can sell your shares at market price whenever you want after one year. Altacasa can help you in this process or you can choose to do it on your own.


Freedom of mind within reach

Booking a stay has never been easier

In advance or at the last minute, you can book your home through our app.

Our algorithm validates your requests by ensuring a fair distribution between the owners, in proportion to the shares they hold.


Fly the coop! 

You own the house, the house doesn’t own you.

With Altacasa, you only have one thing to do: relax and enjoy, alone, with family or friends. We manage your second home right from the layout - a cosy living room, chef's kitchen, snug bedrooms: a 1000 little touches made by us, to make it into a wonderful place to live - right until the day-to-day management: impeccable cleaning, perfect maintenance of the garden, repairs and administrative procedures.

Of course, you have full control of the house through our Altacasa app. It allows you to consult all of your home’s management and all the costs, 24 hours a day!


And what about the costs in all this?

We have nothing to hide, you have nothing to be worried about! All the costs are 100% transparent.


You pay, in proportion to your number of shares:

  • The price of the property
  • Altacasa services: renovation, furnishing, technology, management of co-owners, legal services, etc...
  • The taxes

You pay, in proportion to your number of shares:

  • House management fees (property management, maintenance, taxes and repairs) at cost price.
  • Altacasa platform fees : € 150 for 1 share / € 200 for 2 shares / € 250 for 3 shares / € 300 for 4 shares.

Treat yourself to a worry-free haven with Altacasa, the smartest way to own a second home.

Create unforgettable memories with your family and friends in your Altacasa home.

The benefitsBuying an AltacasaBuying 100% of a second homeRenting a vacation home
Real estate investment with potential increase in value
Beautiful house at a fraction of the price
Long-lasting second home
Turnkey house with no renovation and furnishing to supervise
Hassle-free enjoyment with no management to take care of
House checked before each stay to ensure no hidden surprises
Year-round access to the home whenever you want
A liquid investment, with complete freedom on the resale decision
Co-owners have total freedom to manage the house
Holding real ownership of the house
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