You have 3 solutions to finance your Altacasa house shares.

The first option, well, it's you!

If you have liquid assets, then you can simply buy your Altacasa shares. This is definitely the easiest and fastest solution.

The second option, it’s your banker!

By approaching your current bank or a new bank of your choice, you can obtain financing for the acquisition of your Altacasa shares, based on certain conditions. However, it is likely that the bank will ask you for a certain contribution. Do not hesitate to call upon an agent to borrow, as the latter can help you get better rates.

The third option, well, it's us!

You approach us for financing. Thanks to our partnership with Carte Financement, we can help you with financing. How does it work? Carte Financement specializes in atypical financing, including financing shares in a property investment company, which is what Altacasa is. Carte Financement will tailor-make a financing solution adapted to your unique needs. 

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