The Altacasa Experience
You won’t believe what you see.

Rub your eyes. Now open them and see that this house is real and it’s yours. It even has its own emblem, something to share with friends. An icon of class and French heritage, that…je-ne-sais-quoi you’ve always been looking for but thought was out of reach. A combination of history, authentic building materials, antique furniture and classy fittings. It’s the French art of living…seize it. Carpe Diem!

Welcome home.

We take care of the details so you can make happy memories. Sip cocktails in the pool, garden with the children, have friends over for football, or simply relax in your deckchair and let the stillness of the French countryside wash over you.

We handle the details, moulding the house to your needs. Heating turns on when you arrive home unexpectedly. You want us to fill the fridge or ready a room for guests, no problem, our concierge service takes care of it right away.

Not too big or too small, your house adapts to those who come.

Everything is properly handled to welcome others comfortably. Are you going to be in at the last minute? Your heating turns on in a blink of an eye. Want us to fill the fridge? No problem, our concierge service takes care of it, right away.

Live your dream life.

A living room with spectacular views, a kitchen that inspires your inner Jamie Oliver, luxurious bathrooms, a dining room fit for a banquet, bedrooms that invite deep sleep and a garden sculpted out of nature.

The house of your dreams is now yours! It’s the small things that matter. A thousand small things that we take care of are beautiful books, natural soaps, soft linen, tasteful crockery, dimmed lights, decorative objects, a cosy fireplace and kitchen equipment fit for a pro.

The property of your dreams is now yours!

The icing on the cake? Your house is paved with 1001 small intentions and great care: beautiful books, deliciously-smelling soaps, soft bathrobes, lovely crockery, soft sheets, dimmed lights, wonderful decorative objects, warm fireplace and cozy sofas, kitchen equipped with everything you ever needed or dreamed of.

No mental stress.

Altacasa takes the hassle out of second home ownership.

The user-friendly Altacasa app makes it a breeze to book your stay at the last minute, knowing that the niggly details are taken care of.
Our dedicated team manages your house: maintenance, cleaning, gardening... we take the stress out of your getaway home.

Schedule stays
Manage your home
Stay overview
Concierge services
Billing and expenses
24/7 support

Last but not least, the one thing we can't do?
It's rain and sunshine.
We take care of the rest.

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