Easy and fair booking through the Altacasa App, thanks to our state-of-the-art algorithm.
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The booking system is at the heart of the Altacasa experience.

Through the use of technology and due to our ground-breaking booking algorithm, we have developed a fair and equitable system, which enables owners to maximize the use of their Altacasa home.

Owners can easily book their stays through the Altacasa app and get access to all the relevant information about their stays in real-time, such as the available dates, the balance of days remaining or the Wifi Password to the router.

Flexibility and freedom at your fingertips.

Our booking rules are developed around flexibility and freedom. Your stays can be booked at the last minute or up to two years into the future. The app makes it easy to cancel or modify a booking if your plans change.

1/8 Share
2/8 Shares
4/8 Shares
Nights per share
Pre-booked stays
6 stays
12 stays
20 stays
Max stay length
14 nights
28 nights
42 nights
Last minute stays
Peak season, off-season…
We differentiate high demand seasons from the rest of the year.

For high-demand periods: (ex. July-August, short school holidays etc)

Each owner submits their wish before a set deadline that is clearly visible in the app. Once the deadline has passed, all the owners receive their allocated dates within 24 hours. Our algorithm takes into account the order of wishes and previous periods to ensure fairness. Bookings are made on a per week basis, from Saturday to Saturday. If you own more than one share, you can book multiple weeks in a row.

Number of shares
Min number of peak-weeks guaranteed
1 week during peak months¹ + 1 week of short school holidays²
2 weeks during peak months¹ + 2 weeks spread over short school holidays²
3 weeks during peak months¹ + 3 weeks spread over short school holidays²
4 weeks during peak months¹ + 4 weeks spread over short school holidays²

¹ Peak season varies depending on the location. For example a summer house in the south of France may have a peak season of July to August and a Chalet will have a peak season December - March.

² Fall, Christmas, Winter and Spring holidays.

Our upcoming “Alta Swap” tool allows owners who wish to trade a stay to do so with other owners even after the deadline.
For the rest of the year


Each owner can book up to 6 stays at the same time, per share, over a period of 2 years. This includes the weeks of peak season.


The duration of a stay is limited to 14 nights in a row for one share.

Back-to-back stays are prohibited to allow all the owners to benefit from a spacious calendar, throughout the year.


Stays can be cancelled and modified directly in the app without any penalties as long as it is more than 30 days before arrival.

Last minute

Last-minute bookings are in addition to the 6 pre-booked stays that an owner can hold at the same time. So everyone has the possibility of being spontaneous.

Connect with us

Talk to our team to learn more about our booking system and to get a demo of the app. Or if you want to learn more about how it works we are always on stand-by to speak to you.