How do we choose our homes?

A magical spot, a charming home, an eternally magnificent view. Nothing is more stimulating for us than to find, renovate, decorate and imagine the home of your dreams.

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Farmhouse, town house, long house, chalet or castle. We only buy those properties that are genuinely special, for you. A little something which is appealing at once and triggers an instant love at first sight.

Opt for perfection

It's a long-standing job: being familiar with the market, understanding which are the most popular regions, finding secret spots, and hunting for the most beautiful and authentic houses (those which are often only passed on through word of mouth) . Following which, buying these at the best price, renovating with care and love, while respecting the style of the house. Last but not least, furnish and equip them with taste, while respecting the proper balance between tradition and modernity. All this with a unique goal in mind: that your home possesses a soul.

Turn your home into the most beautiful place on earth

To be able to imagine our homes, Altacasa leans on a team of experts: real estate agents who are connoisseurs of the region, seasoned entrepreneurs in terms of renovating  prestigious properties, architects and interior designers, renowned and virtuosos of charming properties, professional engineers for smart homes and connected equipment. We leave nothing to chance. Right until choosing the experts in the art of living, and fine gourmets, who choose the perfect glasses and plates.

A genuine ballet of cutting-edge specialists, who think of everything, right until the smallest detail to make you feel at home, elsewhere.