Altacasa vs timeshare?

After the golden age and then the decline of the timeshare, it was time to reinvent the purchase of a second home for several people.

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What is a timeshare?

Timeshare is a formula that consists in buying the right to occupy flats in residences for a certain number of weeks.

First introduced in the 1980s and heavily promoted by companies such as Pierre et Vacances, timeshare has not been without its problems. Despite the opportunity for families to access popular destinations on a budget, a number of flaws were soon highlighted:

  • Purchasers who have no title to the property but only a right of use.
  • A totally rigid timetable, characterised by a period of enjoyment fixed in advance and which cannot be changed.
  • An illiquid investment: the price of the timeshare title is set by the condominium.
  • A timeshare being located in a condominium, not in individual houses.
  • Questionable sales methods on the part of professionals in the sector, accompanied by a voluntary asymmetry of
  • information on the subject of the amount and distribution of charges or the operation of the exchange.

What is the difference with Altacasa?

Years later, Altacasa has reinvented the timeshare holiday home, offering the possibility of acquiring one or more shares in a holiday home, according to one's needs and/or budget, and without the problems of timeshare. 

The purchasers benefit from many advantages:

  • Holding real title to the house.
  • Access to our algorithm-based dynamic scheduling technology, ensuring fairness of bookings between co-owners and flexibility throughout the year.
  • A liquid investment, with complete freedom on the exit decision and the possibility of resale at the price decided by the buyer.
  • A to Z management of the house by Altacasa, from the purchase to the maintenance, works and cleaning.
  • 24/7 access to Altacasa's digital platform, offering full transparency on costs, administrative matters and day-to-day management.