10 tips for remote working from your second home

On a certain day in 2020, offices were emptied and remote working, or ‘teleworking’, became the norm. Now working remotely from your second home has become increasingly popular, and is even encouraged by many employers. However, being in a quiet place that has a fun holiday feel can make it harder to concentrate on work. How can you work remotely from your second home and enjoy the best of both worlds: being productive and focussed, while enjoying a relaxed, beautiful environment. 

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1. Don't think of it as a holiday


If you are teleworking in your getaway home, you should avoid the trap of thinking you are on holiday, never mind the inviting sun and lulling birdsong. Working remotely means seeing to your obligations in a pleasant environment, not a distracting one. To avoid the pitfalls of distraction, define in advance your goals and deadlines for the day, or week, and only allow yourself those holiday distractions when you’ve hit your targets. 


2. create a real office space


Of course the nice dining room table overlooking the garden seems to be the best place to telework in your country house. But sometimes you’re better off creating a separate ‘office’ space, where distractions are minimized and which you associate with work. Take time to set it up properly, with your computer in a comfortable eye level position and a chair that encourages good posture. 


3. Respect telework/rest schedules 


Anyone who is used to remote working will tell you that in the beginning you tend to do too much, working harder than you would have in the office. At first this can be satisfying as you find yourself getting lots done. But, it can also lead to burnout and a disrupted work-life rhythm. Plan your working hours (e.g. 9am to 1pm, 2pm to 7pm) and then give yourself breaks and time out. And if you work in a team, be clear as to when you’re available for requests and when not. Deactivate notifications during your working hours (iOS allows you to automate the time slots for concentration)


4. Set rules for your family


Since telecommuting has become more popular, it's easier to make your family understand that this is truly a time when you are not available, except in emergencies. If you are alone in your second home, don't allow personal phone calls during work hours. If the family is with you, then be prepared to lock yourself in your dedicated room!


5. prepare your equipment


There is nothing more annoying than arriving at your second home after traveling hundreds of kilometers, only to find you’ve forgotten your computer. Before you leave, make absolutely sure you have everything for digital remote working. 


6. make sure you have good internet speed  

Good internet speed is sometimes a matter of luck, depending on where your second home is located. If you are planning to buy a property for your holidays and weekends, make sure you have an efficient network connection.  

7 Set goals and stick to them


In your second home, it can be tempting to do some gardening, or just stroll around the garden sipping coffee, when you should be working. 

To avoid this, not only is scheduling important, but you need to have a goal in mind for each day and stick to it. This remote discipline will save you time and allow you to enjoy your holiday home without guilt.    

8: Don't telework alone all the time  

The writer's solitude is not for everyone. So much so that teleworking in your country house can lead to a little weariness. But have you thought about coworking? In the geographical area of your second home there are probably other people who telework. This can be an opportunity to pop out to a coffee-shop and enjoy the company of others. You can even break up your routine by doing some work from there. 

9: Get some fresh air regularly to enjoy your special surroundings  

Even if it does take some extra discipline, working remotely from a second home is a privilege to be enjoyed! As soon as your break is over, go for a walk in the countryside or by the sea, if you are lucky enough to be there. Fill your lungs with fresh air and your brain with oxygen so that when you return to the office you will be more alert.

10: Choose a second home solution that bends over backwards to keep you happy!


Altacasa makes it easy to telecommute from your second home. By investing in one or more shares of a beautiful second home, you can enjoy your telecommuting days in the place of your dreams. No extra stress to disrupt your work. Altacasa takes care of everything: cleaning, maintenance, gardening, administration... So you can work with peace of mind!