About Altacasa

Reinventing second home ownership

Founded in 2021 by 3 partners, Altacasa breaks the traditional codes of the real estate market by reinventing the second home. The team quickly raised its first round of funding to speed-up the development of proptech in Europe.

The goal? Allow buyers to purchase shares in a second home, and manage the entire house and co-ownership for them.

To be as close as possible to its clients, the startup decided to go international from the outset with an office in Paris and one in London.

Our vision is to turn your dream into reality by reinventing second home ownership.

A dream where everyone can enjoy a second home and make room for unforgettable memories.

We believe that everyone should have access to a wonderful place to make the most of a holiday or to kick back and relax for a weekend, alone, with family or friends.

A dream where the only thing you need to think about is: when do you wish to stay.

We believe that a second home should be synonymous with freedom, not constraints. Freedom to go when you want, freedom to just kick back and relax. We believe in turnkey service, made possible by a smart blend of people and technology: you own the house and not the other way around.

A dream where each house has a soul: yours.

We believe that a house should be a mirror of the person who lives in it and his or her way of life. We think of our homes as authentic places, cared for down to the last detail. A real home away from home.

A dream where everyone contributes to building a fairer future.

We believe that the future lies at the crossroads between intelligent resource sharing and ecological reinvention of spaces. This is the reason why we honor embellishing our homes in a sustainable manner.

The Founding Team

The founding team is made up of three partners with diverse backgrounds in real estate, entrepreneurship and technology.

  • founder image

    Romain Saint Guilhem


    Founder and serial entrepreneur, Romain started his entrepreneurial career at a very young age. He first created, developed and sold "Décision", a luxury French vodka brand. He then founded Zebra Fuel in London, the first digital fuel delivery service in the UK, for professionals and individuals. After returning to France, Romain decided to combine his three passions - real estate, which he knows inside out, coming from a family of developers for two generations, finance and technology - in a single project: the start-up Altacasa was born.

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    Maureen Houel


    After 10 years in marketing, Maureen is now an entrepreneur. She launched and managed the COUP subsidiary in France, the premium electric e-scooter service, after co-founding Autonomy, the leading summit on sustainable urban mobility.

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    Axel Talmet


    Axel has 10 years of experience in software development and entrepreneurship. He started as CPO of Scrive, the Nordic market leader in electronic signatures, and then founded his own software development company with which he successfully launched one of the first successful NFT projects on the Ethereum blockchain. Axel is a full-stack Javascript developer with a long track record of building both B2C and B2B products.

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